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Throwback to the very first painting I’ve ever sold. 
Raazia Rafeek
iggstighfar-azalea: lovingg your work! Keep it up, hopefully you'll go far someday :)

thank you! Yes inshallah, that’s the dream :) 

"So who’s artwork did you copy off now?"
Me: “Oh just some artist on Tumblr who’s much more talented than me”
"The usual eh?"
Me: “Yeah. “
Raazia Rafeek 
threedotmark: Wow, it's an honor having someone so talented following me! Thank you so much!

Oh thank you! You’re quite kind :) 

- Raazia R. 

Video games were a big part of my childhood.
Raazia Rafeek
Raazia Rafeek
This one’s up for sale! If you’re interested, please inbox me or contact me via email. 
ambrosialarts: Your poetry is moving and your artwork quite stunning! Keep up the fabulous work! :D

Thank you so much!

Gotta stay motivated for the next piece, the uni life has been holding me back. 

Much Love, Raazia R.


I’d like to thank all those whom have supported this really new blog of mine, for being open in sharing praise, and to thank you for helping me reach the milestone of a hundred followers!

Much Love!
Raazia R. 

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hijabihana: Your work is so good!

thank you! :)

appreciating the love <3
- Raazia R.

Collage for my university binder, yes I got bored. 
Raazia Rafeek